It's night again…

Tammy Black

Female Vocals

My musical career started before birth, when the only thing that would make me quiet down in the womb was the Beatles’ song ‘A day in the Life’.

My parents were very much into the Beatles, The Stones, Meatloaf, Elvis Presley, Vivaldi.
At the age of 5, through an older sibling, heavy metal (Pantera, Metallica, Slayer) was discovered.
At 8 I fell in love with Black Sabbath’s Paranoid and knew in my heart that I was truly a metalhead.
Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Anne Clark, and Faith No More followed at 13 (I was taught how to healthily headbang by practicing this on Guns ‘n’ Roses’ song Paradise City) and at 16 I added Type O Negative to the equation. And life has never been the same.
Since the discovery of Type O Negative’s music I dreamed of a band to make such music with and figured I could never have that because why would such a band need female vocals?
Years and years later I met Dirk, asked him if he thought female vocals might be a thing for Black No.1. He said he thought it might and before we knew it our song ‘Wolf’ was born.
It has been a dream come true. I am very glad I followed Keith Caputo’s advice in 2008 ‘Keep reaching and never, ever give up.’