It's night again…


25 maart 2013

Since we are planning to go pro, Black No.1 decides to go shoot a music video. Tammy writes the storyboard, takes classes from a director, finds a camera man, throws her living room upside down to do the interior shots and does hair and make up for herself and all the black men. The biggest problem is getting everyone together and shooting all this in the time span of one afternoon (inside) and one evening (outside). Frustrations and maniacal laughter running high on the one end and creativity going berserk on the other, the final result of the official video is one that pleases the entire band. It has the exact right atmosphere for our music and it triggers our fondest memories of shooting. We are so proud of it, in fact, that we ask Cathy Ratajczyk (sister to the late and great Peter Steele of Type O Negative) whom Tammy got acquainted with, emailing to and fro with her on buying the Peter SteeleTribute shirt, how she feels about our music.