It's night again…


24 januari 2014

Our first performance in 2014 turns out quite surprising to say the least. At the very last minute the first band of the evening cancels and we are faced with the burden of finding a replacement within 48 hours. The band Sadotank accepts and now Black No.1 is faced with being headliner for the first time, while one of their great examples is the opener. It feels like the world’s upside down, but together with Art of Pain and Sadotank, Black No.1 give the audience a very metal night to remember. It is the first time we play our new song Blue Rose. It’s received really well and also very badly. It turns out a young woman from around here just fell prey to suicide and some of the audience were close to her. And here’s this band singing a song about a girl that experienced this too and also left. So, some people in the audience get quite tearfully upset and some are just moved in the aesthetic sense of the word. We feel complimented either way and hope –somehow- to also bring comfort. We know how it feels to be left behind by those that no longer saw hope.