It's night again…



24 januari 2014

Our first performance in 2014 turns out quite surprising to say the least. At the very last minute the first band of the evening cancels and we are faced with the burden of finding a replacement within 48 hours. The

1 januari 2014

How to generate facebook likes for a battle everyone wants to be in… Well, we learned the hard way and pulled it off with good hard work, stalking and spamming our friends and family and a lot of luck! As

18 november 2013

Apparently we got noticed at the ‘Slach om Wâldrock’, because Tammy Black was asked by ‘Boodschappers van het Algemene Nut’ to be a guestsinger with their performance as an in-between-performances party act at the Wâldrock Reunion. De ‘Boodschappers’ and Tammy’s

2 november 2013

Through another wonderful band, Alice Day,  the venue called Bridge to Fame contacts us with the question if we would like to perform there on metal night. We of course accept and find ourselves the band before the final act,

10 oktober 2013

After entering our biography, band picture, logo and YouTube links to the organization, Black No.1 is one of the bands that are selected to compete in a competition called ‘Slach om Wâldrock’. The competition is humongous and the festival Wâldrock

18 augustus 2013

Then all of a sudden we have our one and only gig with two guitarists on stage. It´s Marco´s debut and Eibert´s going away party. This doesn´t bother the performance though which is actually a really good one. After we

18 juli 2013

Our next guitarist we meet at a metal festival. At first Marco claims he isn´t skilled enough, later he comes by to audition anyway. He turns out to be a quick study and quite a talented guitarist. With a little

18 juli 2013

June turns out alright with three gigs for Black No.1 to play. Unfortunately Eibert, our guitarist, lets us know he feels we need a more skilled guitarist to make a real go of it, he suggests we find someone to


30 mei 2013

As it turns out, the venue where we did the competition (Poppodium Romein-Leeuwarden), made some videos of the performances given. We ask (and obtain) permission to launch this one as our first live video.

28 mei 2013

The Rock ‘n’ Roll business is a strange one… One day you’re with family, mourning the loss of a loved one. The next day, the show ‘must go on’ and you’re competing for a much wanted spot at two major