It's night again…



25 mei 2013

Normally we count 13 as a lucky number; unfortunately this turns out to be quite untrue for the year ‘13. After several pass away on close friends of ours, another father passes from cancer, this time it’s Dirk’s dad. It

30 april 2013

After having listened to both our pic-version of ‘Wolf’ and ‘How Beautiful You Are’, Cathy Ratajczyk (sister to the late and great Peter Steele of Type O Negative) lets us know the following through a response on YouTube: “Black No.1-Wolf.

19 april 2013

Dirk turns out to be multi talented and he teaches himself how to edit videos. The official video for ‘Wolf’ is his first project and a very successful one. People love it, it’s in the woods, it’s gothic, it’s great!

18 april 2013

As the Armed & Dangerous tour starts to really accelerate, Black No.1 decides to work on some ideas for merchandise. We are going to go for T-shirts. Thinking that 8 girlies (purple with black logo), 8 male tees (black and

25 maart 2013

Since we are planning to go pro, Black No.1 decides to go shoot a music video. Tammy writes the storyboard, takes classes from a director, finds a camera man, throws her living room upside down to do the interior shots

25 maart 2013

About a week after recording it, Black No.1 put ‘How Beautiful You Are’ on YouTube accompanied by yet another picture from the shooting earlier on. This time the response is also overwhelming. People love the song and all of a

20 maart 2013

Sometimes you luck out as a band, especially when you’re from a city where there’s a University for Music Management and a College for Rock and Pop. In our case some students with Stenden University Music Management needed a band

18 maart 2013

Now, with a band should go a website, so we start up by claiming the domain name  “”. The idea is to put everything (songs, lyrics, bio, news, pictures, gigs, blog) on there. But it proves more difficult than

1 maart 2013

The first mix down for ‘Wolf’ is put on YouTube accompanied by an interesting picture from the shoot. We receive many compliments and happy wishes from friends and colleagues all over the world. The song is referenced as ‘dark’, ‘spooky’

1 maart 2013

Time for bandpics! As Tammy tells the guys they’re going to be wearing some make up, a major panic attack strikes. However, their masculinity intact underneath the make up, the Black men make for wonderful models and the pictures, shot