It's night again…



20 februari 2013

After a long and fatiguing period in which the man suffered cancer, the day comes where Frank has to say goodbye to his father. As Dirk’s father is also suffering from this horrible disease and Jan’s father has already passed

10 februari 2013

Another thing resulting from the performance on Christmas Eve is that we were offered studio time at a discount. Here we learn that practising with a click track (though a much hated ritual by many musicians, it proves a necessary

10 januari 2013

Lesson number one in marketing says you’ve got to make yourself noticed and recognizable in the business you wish to succeed in. Step one is creating a band logo. Many attempts on Tammy’s part finally book results and when a

2 januari 2013

Because of what they saw and heard, following up our performance on Christmas Eve, GraveRot ask us to join them and some other bands in a metal package deal which will be called Armed and Dangerous tour. Although some performances

24 december 2012

Dreaming of a ‘black’ Christmas wasn´t enough, so as a first gig Black No.1 performed at Frisian Metal Night on Christmas Eve with bands the likes of GraveRot and Pander. Nervous as hell and balancing on a stage like a

19 december 2012

Although reluctant, Black No.1 realize that social media are a great source of presenting and representing oneself. And through the efforts of Tammy a Facebook page ( is created. It starts out as a temporary way to keep in touch

18 december 2012

Inspired by the beauty of the night, Dirk composed ‘How Beautiful You Are’ and together with Tammy designed a song which becomes a duet in the end. Although Black No.1 consider this their most quiet and sedate song, even the

19 juli 2012

After many auditions of which most were horrendous and some were just ‘alright’, BN1 found great joy in finding a new guitarist, finally. Through a mutual friend, Eibert’s interest in our music was awakened and –although his musical roots are

12 juni 2012

On meeting Frank at yet another metal fest, Dirk told Tammy he’d just met this guy who is a drummer, there. “You should meet with him, see what you think”, Dirk said. So, Tammy met with Frank. In retrospect she

19 januari 2012

Quite an uncharacteristic song for BN1, ‘Oxygen’ was inspired by the many addictions people in this world are afflicted with. It can be an ironic thought, someone taking their own breath smoking this or that and claiming they ‘can’t breathe’